"In as much as we are led by the Spirit let us keep in Step with the Spirit." Galatians 5:25







In coming!

...As I stepped through the door, a barrage of plastic bricks sailed past my head and hit the wall behind me before scattering noisily across the wooden floor.


A story about overcoming life's challenges.

Why Mashed Potatoes?

I stood in front of one of the most bountiful Thanksgiving tables I had ever seen. We prepared more food than our family could consume in an entire week let alone a single setting, but Dad still insisted that we could not eat until we made mashed potatoes.


A story about gratitude.

 Clown Shoes


I am a white-faced clown, named Giggles. White-faced clowns stand out. They shine like diamonds and glisten like sparkles on water. They are by nature everything that I long to be. I am like Kermit the Frog, -- green, ordinary and common.


A story about significance

A Light Through the Ruins

The morning sun casts its warmth across the covers where I lay watching my husband sleep, I sigh gratefully, remembering the fretful hours of the day before when I waited for word of his safety.

Ray, a communication engineer, was scheduled to work on the top of Tower I on the morning of September 11th.



A story of answered prayers